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2captcha api

Currently supported hCaptcha enterprise token


We do not provide ip address of our server if you want to use ip address you can run the python script and use and port 8080

#pip install flask requests
from flask import Flask, request
import requests
app = Flask(__name__)

api_url = ""

@app.route('/in.php', methods=['POST', 'GET'])
def handle_request():
        apikey = request.form.get('key')
        sitekey = request.form.get('sitekey')
        pageurl = request.form.get('pageurl')
        method = request.form.get('method')
        soft_id = request.form.get('soft_id')
        proxy = request.form.get('proxy')
        proxytype = request.form.get('proxytype')
        useragent = request.form.get('useragent')
        res ='/in.php', data={"key": apikey, "pageurl": pageurl, "sitekey": sitekey,
                            "method": method, "soft_id": soft_id, "proxy": proxy,
                            "proxytype": proxytype, "useragent": useragent}, headers={"apikey": apikey})
        if res.status_code == 200:
            return res.text
            return "ERROR_SOMETHING_WENT_WRONG", 500
    except Exception as e:
        print(f"error in.php {e}")
        return "ERROR_SOMETHING_WENT_WRONG", 500

@app.route('/res.php', methods=['GET'])
def res():
    """Check task status"""
        id = request.args.get('id')
        apikey = request.args.get('key')
        action = request.args.get('action')
        json = request.args.get('json')
        if action == 'getbalance':
            bal = requests.get(f'{api_url}/res.php?key={apikey}&action=getbalance&json={json}').text
            return bal
        tok = requests.get(f'{api_url}/res.php?key={apikey}&action=get&id={id}')
        if tok.status_code == 200:
            return tok.text
            return "ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE"
    except Exception as _e:
        print(f"Something wrong {_e}")
        return "ERROR_SOMETHING_WRONG", 200

if __name__ == '__main__':'', port=8080)

Browser Automation Studio (BAS) Endpoints

free :

free :

Paid :

Paid :

Current Support:

BrowserAutomationStudio (by bablosoft)

You can use this endpoints with BAS software and their modules which supports in.php and res.php 2Captcha like api.

Just replace the endpoint with the above endpoints and you are good to go.

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